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Radically accelerating immunotherapy

RootPath is a Watertown-based biotechnology company developing a powerful personalized T cell therapy platform that bridges precision medicine and cancer immunotherapy. Our next generation technologies allow us to precisely monitor, modulate and steer the immune system for a revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Our focus

RootPath is focused on the analysis and manipulation of single immune cells in order to enable next-generation immune- and cell-therapy.

While the immune system is the most powerful killing system in our body, we can’t fully mobilize it without a more complete understanding of how it works and a more sophisticated way to give it orders. Just as the development of genomic technologies coincided and led to the blossoming of targeted therapy, we believe the development of immunological technologies will coincide and lead to the blossoming of immunotherapy.
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We are developing technologies that enable improved strength of the immune system, speed of analysis and manipulation of cells and specificity toward disease.



RootPath was founded by scientists and bioengineers instrumental in the development of synthetic biology, genome engineering and single-cell sequencing technologies. Our team is international, interdisciplinary and highly accomplished in many areas of biotechnology.

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Xi Chen
Co-Founder & CEO
Yinqing Li
Scientific Co-founder
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Jun Wang
Scientific Co-founder
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Ely Porter
Co-founder & Lead Scientist
Cheryl Cui
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